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Regrinding & coating service

Regrinding & coating service

Restoring the original cut, on demand with new coating.

With our fast and professional regrinding and coating service we offer you a renewal of your tools in the usual high quality. The use of modern CNC grinders from leading manufacturers allows us to produce individual and special tools for your demands.

In action

The tool is regrinded

We offer:

  • Regrinding
  • Coating
  • Quality control
  • Measurement logs on request

The production areas are divided into the following areas:

  • CNC grinding technology - shaft tools
  • CNC grinding technology - saw blades
  • CNC grinding technology - srills
  • Special tools and HM-saw blades
  • Flat grinding technology
  • Grinding rings
  • Coating technology


Best conditions for a perfect result

Entrance of your tools

Examination of your tools by:

  • type
  • scope
  • economy

Tools which can no longer be regrounded, you will get back with the remaining tools.


The result is impressive!


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