Your journey with SARATOOLS

    Four phases to become a self-employed retail entrepreneur: your journey with SARATOOLS


    Your training to become a foreign retail professional with your own company involves four phases, during which we will give you competent support and advice. Our shared goal: turning you into a successful self-employed entrepreneur in Italy within one year. In the years that follow we will continue to provide you with financial and business management support as well as advice. Once your company is finally established on the market, we will give you the opportunity to convert it into an official SARATOOLS branch. Your association with the internationally active Würth Group will open up exciting and lucrative career development opportunities for you!


    • Phase 1: Trainee programme in Germany
    • Phase 2: Trainee programme in Italy
    • Phase 3: Self-employment
    • Phase 4: Opening of an official SARATOOLS branch (optional)


    Phase 1: Trainee programme in Germany


    The start of your training will take you to our location in Germany for two to three months. We will cover all travel and living costs as well as paying you an expense allowance. You will be given comprehensive training in Germany to equip you for your future work as an independent entrepreneur, tool dealer and knowledge dispenser. A personal mentor will provide you with support and advice and answer any questions you may have. You will not only learn what is important in running your own company, but also gain insights into SARATOOLS, its product and service range, the IT infrastructure at your disposal and, of course, into the businesses of your potential customers: what drives them, what they need – and how you can you help them. After this phase, you will be ready to put what you have learned into practice.



    Phase 1 of the trainee programme covers the following subjects:


      • Sales
      • Product management
      • Logistics
      • E-business
      • Company organisation




      Phase 2: Trainee programme in Italy: Get started as an entrepreneur!



      At your company location in Italy, “learning by doing” is now the motto for the next nine months! It’s time to acquire customers and win them over as buyers of SARATOOLS. You benefit from the good name of SARATOOLS as well as their unique range of products and services, excellent logistics and perfect IT infrastructure. As an expert for tools and intelligent manufacturing solutions, you can offer your metalworking industry customers a veritable full-service package.




      Full support from the SARATOOLS professionals



      We will nevertheless not leave you standing in the rain during this phase of your self-employment. Experienced sales professionals will accompany you to your customers and give you valuable advice and support. We will review your business progress as part of regular video conferences and identify room for growth and improvement. We are familiar with the industry and know exactly where opportunities to close a deal await you. Since we want your business to succeed, our support will also include business management advice: we make sure that you are given the best possible financial and legal guidance.

      We aim to turn you into a successful independent sales entrepreneur within these nine months – and put you on an economically secure foundation!



      Phase 2 of the trainee programme comprises


      • Customer acquisition and sales through learning by doing
      • Continuous development of your own company
      • Support from a personal mentor
      • Regular video conferences on your company’s progress and potentials


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      Phase 3: Self-employment as an entrepreneur in Italy



      About a year later you will be enjoying all the freedoms of self-employment: your dream of running your own business has come true. You are the owner of your own retail company and you run it as you see fit.



      Be your own boss!


      You offer your customers a fantastic product and service package: high-quality and high-performance professional tools under first-class conditions, including 24-hour direct delivery throughout Europe and competent customer service. Our complete IT structure, the SARATOOLS webshop and professional marketing and technical support are at your disposal.


      It’s now up to you alone to breathe life into your company and move your business forward. All options are open to you – and we will give you all the backing you need!




      Your self-employment at a glance


      • Providing support to existing customers and acquiring new customers
      • Running your company as you see fit
      • Benefiting from the complete SARATOOLS business, technical and marketing support package
      • You are our specialist in Northern Italy

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      Phase 4: Establish an official SARATOOLS branch office and become part of a global company!



      About three to five years later, your company has gained a foothold in the northern Italian market. You have an established base of customers with whom you keep in touch on a regular basis. You are happy about your full order books and your business stands on a solid foundation. Perhaps you have even managed to expand and have a team of employees that helps you shoulder the workload.



      Exceptional opportunities for growth and further development



      SARATOOLS has consistently accompanied you down this path, provided you with advice and support, but also benefited from your entrepreneurial commitment and your willingness to take risks. That is why we offer to convert your company into an official SARATOOLS branch. What does that mean? Rather than being an independent entrepreneur, you are now an employee in a responsible position. As tool sales specialist, you will be our representative in Northern Italy. Not only SARATOOLS, but the entire Würth Group – a global player with annual sales totalling more than 14 billion euros – stands behind you. This step opens up completely new career opportunities, challenges as well as earning and development prospects for you.



      It’s up to you!


      It’s your decision whether you want to take this step together with us. If so, we welcome you into the big SARATOOLS family. If not, you continue as the boss of your own company that distributes our products and services in Northern Italy and works in partnership with us. Whatever you happen to decide, it’s a win-win situation.


      Your opportunities in phase 4:

      • Significant growth in business
      • New business challenges
      • Better earning opportunities
      • Personal advancement
      • You are part of a global company
      • Greater financial security


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