SARATOOLS invests in your future while minimising your risk!


    SARATOOLS needs committed individuals with a passion for sales. You put your heart and soul into it, and in return we shoulder your entrepreneurial risk. That’s right: we not only train you, but also offer you full financial support during your first years with the company. Your personal financial investment is close to zero, as you have almost no expenses – other than your home office, car and smartphone. At the same time you benefit from the SARATOOLS name, our know-how, our first-class products and services as well as comprehensive IT, marketing and technical support.



    Training and self-employment for free!


    The SARATOOLS Business Association Partner Programme offers you a unique opportunity: training as a sales professional and starting up a company for free! Other people have to invest a lot of time and money in achieving this. You are getting it for free. All we expect from you in return is your effort and your commitment to do all you can as a self-employed retail entrepreneur to gain a foothold in the market as the exclusive northern Italian business partner of SARATOOLS.



    50,000 euros investment in your company!


    To give you an idea of your value to us: we are ready to invest around 50,000 euros in you. We will take care of all your travel, accommodation and mobility costs during your trainee period. You will receive free board and a monthly expense allowance. We will also pay you a monthly allowance in Italy until your business can stand on its own.



    Financing: Your journey in numbers


    This is what your journey with SARATOOLS could look like in the first few years. You will of course be completely free to earn more. All that matters in the end is your commitment, your inventiveness and your sales skills!



    Beispiel eines Business Plans


    Have we convinced you? If so, send us your application now!



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