Starting a business without risk: successful self-employment with SARATOOLS



You are at the beginning of your career and thinking about starting up your own business? Going to market as a self-employed person with your own retail company, working on your own account and as you see fit sounds more attractive than fighting your way up the corporate ladder as an employee in a large company.

Starting up a business nevertheless involves challenges and risks. It requires start-up capital, business management experience, good contacts, a pinch of luck – and, last but not least, a product that impresses potential customers. What happens if the sales fail to materialise? Our SARATOOLS Business Association Partner Programme allows us to make you a unique offer: all the benefits of self-employment, yet without the financial risk. How does it work? We’ll show you how on this page.

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Training to become a self-employed sales professional: we finance your training and business start-up



You are at the early stage of your career development and want to make the most of your potential? Your heart is in retail and sales and you are highly motivated to stand on your own as an entrepreneur in the Italian market? Then we are looking for you!



Take advantage of this unique career opportunity! Apply for the SARATOOLS Business Association Partner Programme!


We finance your training as a retail and tool expert, while providing you with a unique product range and an impressive service package for your customers. We accompany you during your first months of self-employment, giving you all the support and advice you need until you are finally standing on your own two feet. Once you have established yourself on the Italian market, we will make you an offer to start up an official SARATOOLS branch and bring you into the large Würth family fold. As part of a globally active group, all career opportunities are yours for the taking! Prefer to stay independent? No problem.


It’s up to you!


Do you have what it takes to become a SARATOOLS Business Association Partner?


What you bring along:

  • an absolute passion for sales and retail
  • commitment and motivation
  • entrepreneurial spirit and business management talent
  • willingness to learn and curiosity
  • customer orientation and service mentality
  • communication skills and people smarts

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The advantages of the SARATOOLS Business Association Partner Programme at a glance



    • Your only investment: home office, car, smartphone – zero financial risk!
    • Full financial and business management support from SARATOOLS.
    • Free training to become a self-employed sales expert from the SARATOOLS professionals in Germany.
    • A sales professional will assist you during the first months of self-employment in Italy.
    • You benefit from the name, product range and unique service package of an established retail company.
    • The professional SARATOOLS IT infrastructure and customer service are at your disposal.
    • After three to five years, it’s up to you: stay independent or become part of the Würth Group. 



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